Stress is the secret sauce to personal growth

It’s time to get uncomfortable.

The largest gains in personal growth are when you are doing things outside of your comfort zone.

Think about stress in the same way as lifting weights to build muscle. You need to work out a muscle group until it becomes hard to do. It begins to stress your muscle and actually begins to break the muscle down. This is a good thing.

After the muscle has been stressed and broken down, it begins to rebuild and reform into a little bit bigger and better version of its previous self.

In order to grow, whether it’s around relationships or professionally in your career, you should be a little stressed. Go to those awkward networking events, build something you haven’t tried before, or even start writing on medium about your thoughts that you have had stored up for a long time. It will all make you better.

Now a word of caution, you, just like your muscles can’t take an unending barrage of stress. You and your muscles will need time to recover and rebuild. You need to feel a touch uncomfortable to know when it’s time to stretch yourself.

As much as it’s not fun to be uncomfortable, just take the first step. Sign up for that conference or to register to present your work. You can do it.

It’s time we all stress ourselves to better ourselves.

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